miércoles, 28 de julio de 2010

The Magician

Walking down the shore
There, where the sunset growth
With his camels and robes
My magician set his place

Lonely as my soul
Standing on the sand
With his hands full of love
And the heart full of her

Tears are falling down his cheeks
Feeling his heart
Tearing apart
She, is floating away
She decides to set him free

Clouds of darkness are passing by
Surrounding the Magician’s tent
The stars are shining bright
Bringing hope and some love too

She is the reason of his music
She is the notes in his heartbeat
Dancing naked through the veils
Jumping around, around his head

Grapes are served on the table
She is going to bring him them
Playing games to make him crazy
Singing all that songs that he wrote to her

Oh, my Magician
Sweet Magician of mine
What are going to do
With all that love
Between she and you?

She is waiting
Just down the red shore
Sitting on the black camel
Watching the sunset
Singing your song


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