jueves, 12 de julio de 2012

Spoken Words: Hurts


It is that heartbeat that tells you the meaningless meaning of life
It is that second orgasm that push you to need another pleasure in the flesh of your agony
It is that voice inside the lust of your soul that shout for more and less and more
Struggling down the railroad of painful shadows
Blooding like a stream of sickness lies and words without chastity or nostalgia
Remembering those times that never were true
times that only existed in your own heart full of emptiness
full of lonelies dragonflies painting in blue
And it hurts
Oh hell yes, how it hurts!
Hurts because the cold wind is raping the face of your flesh
Hurts because your womb is empty
how your hands, soul and legs are empty
Hurts because the horizon is so fucking far away
that you can't reach hope
as you can't reach the time to forgive and forget

Viento Serena


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