jueves, 12 de julio de 2012

Spoken Words: My Bittersweet Song

My bittersweet song

My skin is a crack of thorns 
hanging in the fragile wall of my soul
trembling with the waves of a silent voice 
singing the blue song of the shining noise
It is like a crying old lady struggling with the necessity of being loved
or the truth of being forgot 
Is like the wind caressing the sad face of the moon
like the lights that sleeps in the bed of a virgin muse 
Pain is surrounding the weak heart inside the agony of my hands
Crying, shouting, dying
Suffering of the slightly indifference that dress the naked body of my womb 
Meanwhile here I am
Whispering the name of every single muse inside my shadows 
waiting for that simple moment between the sunrise thoughts
and the heartbeats of the silent crowd 
Moment that emerge from the agony that crown with violets diamonds
the libid forehead of my nostalgic song 

Viento Serena

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